We have created a Time Trial up Sa Calobra to raise money for a cancer charity in Mallorca.  With the professional riders starting amongst the field, the Sa Calobra Time Trial allows you to appreciate their climbing speed and genuinely compare your time with the best.  To ensure you have fresh legs, we transport you to the start – A bus and bike shuttle service transports the bikes and riders from Port de Soller & Bunola to Gorg Blau – you then climb the Coll de Reis and descend the 10km to the sea.

Having completed the Time Trial up Sa Calobra, riders (along with the professionals) will be split into 3 groups and will cycle at different speeds (70km) back to the village of Bunyola.  In a private finca on the edge of the village, there will be the presentations & post event drinks.  With the total participants restricted to 50 entrants riders will get a real opportunity to talk to the professional riders and ex-sports people.

The aim of the event is for the participants to have a great day out on the bike & raise some money for a good cause – it is not just for the dedicated cyclist weighing 65kg!  It is for anyone that enjoys riding a bike.

Sa Calobra

The most feared climb on the island and definitely on the bucket list of any keen cyclist.  The top of the climb is the Coll dels Reis but the climb is more widely known as Sa Calobra.  It is 10km of tarmac draped on the side of a mountain – 26 hairpin turns rise 668m at an average 7.1% gradient.  One of the hairpins is so extreme it does a 270 turn and heads back over itself.  The road to the fishing village is only accessed from the top, which means you have to cycle all the way to the bottom before cycling back up.

The Time Trial

The start is at the very bottom by the sea and finishes at the Nu de sa Corbata (under the bridge where the road loops round 270 degrees). Cyclists will be released every 20 seconds at randomly generated start times. The fastest male and female rider will occupy the hot seats at the cafe at the finish line.  All participants will enjoy a snack at the top as they watch their fellow competitors drag themselves over the finish line.

Not getting carried away and pacing yourself over the 9.4km is vital when posting a respectable time.

It’s about You, Your Mind & the Clock